Humana Coin Tracking Example

Each Humana challenge coin that is registered allows the individual registering it to see how many times that coin will change hands from veteran to veteran throughout the world as they pass it along. Due to privacy, we only use the first names and military branch of the veteran registering the coin, but we'll track the location distance, how many handoffs, and other exciting data on your specific coin number.

We allow each registrant that you pass your coin onto to also add a story about the coin and give them the capability of submitting a picture of the coin with a scenic backdrop where they are at to add to the coin travel story. Those additions are displayed in each report you get on your specific coin.

When you get your custom Humana challenge coin you need to register it here. In the upper right hand corner of this site you'll see Challenge Coin - click it - and register your coin with its unique number and then pass it on to a veteran and have them come to our site to register it - and keep that coin moving.

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